*Pulgar is a company founded in 2001. Dedicated to the manufacture of woven garments with a refined selection of alpaca,sheep and 100% cotton fibers.

Our company has been working for years in rural areas of Peru. Exclusively with Peruvian mothers, who in their free time work embroidering and hand-finishing garments and accessories. In this way our company supports and generates income for these people.

By buying one of our products you are helping to generate more jobs.


Offer a wide range of good quality wool garments accesible to our clients.


Our goal is to offer innovative and good quality products that stands out nationally and internationally in a sustainable way based on meeting the expectations of our customers


The alpaca is a mammal, a family of camelids that was domesticated by Pre-Inca cultures and came to occupy a fundamental place during the Inca Empire. The habitats of these animals are in the South American Andes at a height of 3500 to 5000 meters above sea level.

There are not only white alpacas, but also animals of natural colors that according to specialists arrive to be up to 22 different shades of gray and brown.

It is a fiber of fine animal origin, soft and durable, in addition to being resistant, it is an excellent very hot thermal insulation. Alpaca wool garments are currently highly appreciated in our country and in other countries abroad.